Nearly 35 years ago on a dark (and possibly stormy) All Hallow's Eve, a young woman went into labor with her first child. Just minutes after midnight, Julie Fletcher was born, bellowing anger at missing her very first Halloween.

This would not be the first time she expressed disappointment over her birthday. Years later Julie would find solace in learning that November 1st was also known as The Day of the Dead. While her mother was not quite sure what to make of Julie's fascination with horror, she encouraged her daughter to find joy in the dark...and to open her heart to the writer within.

At the tender age of three, Julie's cousin began to teach her how to read. Dick and Jane would not satisfy Julie's hunger for reading material and by the time she had finished second grade - she had also finished several Stephen King novels. During third grade, Julie wrote her first horror story, destined to scar several of her classmates and earn her time in the principal's office, along with several parent-teacher conferences.

Thirteen chapters, a disturbed teacher, and a proud mother. Such a beginning!

During late 2005, Julie found that while she adored fiction, non-fiction freelance writing may help pay the bills that were piling up after a work related injury. Vampires, werewolves, and zombies were put to sleep for several years while health, parenting, sexuality, and various ghostwriting projects took the forefront.

Julie found that her true nature and passions could not be extinguished for long. Long smothered stories began to creep into her dreams. Ghosts peered out of mirrors. Clawed fingertips trailed through her hair...and Julie embraced her inner horror again.

BloodBurn is Julie's debut novel. Featuring werewolves and vampires, the characters discover that even paranormal creatures can fall prey to zombies. Coming soon from Riverdale Avenue Books. 

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