Writers are readers. Most of us grew up with an unbridled love of books. Quite a few of us have review blogs, but I'd like to do something a bit different. Authors should reach out to others and help them promote their works - that's what my review page will be dedicated to doing. Exposing readers to new authors and authors to a wider audience.

All of my reviews will be based only on my views and enjoyment.

No very negative reviews will be posted. In the event I find a book needs serious attention from the author and an editor, the author will receive a private review. This isn't about embarrassing authors!

To receive a review:

1. Do NOT send your review copy without contacting me first.
2.Place REVIEW REQUEST in your first sentence.
3. Include links to where readers can buy your book.
4. Include ONE graphic to include in the review post.

When you submit a book for review, you agree to behave in a professional manner on this blog, in the comments, and via any contact we may have. You are free to disagree with a private review, but you must remain professional. Any author that does not remain professional will be barred from further interviews and may have any previous reviews or interviews removed.

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