Are you an author? Would you like to be interviewed?

I interview authors that are published by traditional publishers, e-publishers, and self-published. We're ALL authors here. Your ratings aren't important, writers should help other writers, that's what this section of my blog is all about.

Whether you are new or a seasoned pro with hundreds of titles under your belt, I'd like to talk to you.

To be interviewed you must:

1. Be an author.
2. Have at least one book published by traditional or self publishing means.
3. Debut authors with a book coming out in the current year may request an interview.
4. Have links to your social media accounts, blog, or book promotional pages.

You do not need to submit a review copy. If you do, please understand that your book will be reviewed in an unbiased manner. Glowing reviews are based on my enjoyment only. What I might enjoy, another reader may not. If I seriously dislike a book the author will receive a private, unpublished review with my reasons why AND a list of errors noticed. No nasty reviews will ever be published here.

To inquire, use my contact widget. Please include INTERVIEW REQUEST in your first.

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