Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pitching BloodBurn: From Me to You

Hey there! Sorry for the absence, I've been writing, Facebooking, Tweeting, and trying to not be consumed by my herd of children. I hope you'll forgive me.

I have something special to share today. I want to share the pitch I used for BloodBurn when I approached my publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books. I have edited out a few key points that might spoil the novel for readers, though the bulk of the pitch is here. When you send in a pitch your agent or future editor needs to know what your story is about, down to plot twists. Those are very important as he or she will be making a decision to ask for more based on your pitch! (I only removed a few lines with key story elements.)

I hope you enjoy and hope this gives you a feel for BloodBurn and what to expect come October. Here goes:

"When Layne Yow finds herself smack in the middle of a full fledged
zombie apocalypse she does what any werewolf would do...she calls
bullshit on the universe. Sure, there are vampires, werewolves, and
other assorted paranormal creatures in the world, but zombies? No
freakin' way.

Layne is a young werewolf on the run from her recent past as an elite
vampire killer. She quickly finds out that you can't outrun life.
Eventually everything catches up. Her big mouth and desire to rescue
everyone puts her (and her new friends, another werewolf and his
werewolf/vampire twin brother) into harm's way more than once. Layne
finds amusement in the absurd end of the world scenario, because what
else can she do? Cry? In her words “I just ain't built that way.”

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies are combined in a way not often
visited in popular fiction when Layne joins
with vampires to find a way to contain or stop the zombie plague's spread.

Blood Burn is the first in a series of novels that track Layne's
adventures in a zombie infested world. The manuscript is 50,427 words
long and is a fast, fun read for paranormal fans.

I'm Julie Fletcher and I have been a full time ghost blogger/freelance
content specialist for seven years. A few of my characters use herbal
medicines, are survival nuts, and two are involved in a cult. I grew
up in a low-key cult, studied herbalism, studied nursing, and I'm a
survival nut. All of my characters use skills that I have first hand
knowledge of. (Except for vampire or zombie killing. I haven't been
able to stake a vampire and the zombie apocalypse hasn't come


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