Sunday, May 19, 2013

BloodBurn Locations

Remember when I said that many of the locations in BloodBurn are real? I promised to explain a little more about them.

Belmont, New York:
This town is our county seat here in Allegany County, NY. While we don't live in town, (we're about 8 or 9 miles from the town limits), we're close enough to have a Belmont address. I took a few liberties with directions and location of a highway.

Eli's House:
Brandon's cabin doesn't exist, though I based it on an old abandoned homestead. His brother Eli's house DOES exist – it's my house. I played around with the general directions and distance. There is a large field nearby and thousands of acres of forest.

The Feness Brother's Construction Site:
This is real and so are the Feness brothers. They were kind enough to allow me to use them in the book. The one brother, Ray, gave me advice on the type of bullets used to shoot the heroine, Layne. It's located in Belmont, but you won't see slits for shooting anything or rebar all over the ground.

This is a real place, as is the house Rob lived in before barricading himself in the store. His old house was the one we lived in before moving to the country. I visited this store quite often! It's sort of a damaged freight place. You can find all sorts of deals here and the staff are very friendly.

The Hospital:
This hospital is based on Mercy Hospital of South Buffalo. I'm not sure if the Catholic Health System would like being in a horror/paranormal novel, so I didn't mention the system.

The Grocery Store:
As the characters drive in to Buffalo, they see a grocery store with zombies in the parking lot. This store is one of the Tops Markets in South Buffalo, just off of South Park Avenue.

The Laundromat:
At one point the characters are trapped on top of a laundromat. This building is right on Clinton Street in what many people of the area call Kaisertown. It is on the corner of a street where I lived before moving behind the Warehouse.

In the next novel there will be more real places from both Buffalo and North Carolina. Speaking of North Carolina, the heroine of BloodBurn is part Native American – Lumbee to be specific. This tribe is only recognized in North Carolina and has been working for national recognition for decades. This tribe is part of my own heritage, on my mother's side of the family. You can learn more about the Lumbee tribe here: Lumbee Tribe

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