Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why I Love Zombies

I've had a love affair with zombies ever since I was 4. My mother and father decided it was a great idea to allow me to choose which movie I wanted as a birthday outing. I chose the newest zombie flick, Zombie Flesh Eaters

(Thank you to Voldemort2013  on Twitter for helping me identify the movie. He didn't have much to go on. Turns out I was 4, though I thought for years I was 5.)

If you're not familiar with the film, it features a tropical island, zombies, a nasty scene where a chick has her eye impaled on a nail, and a zombie/shark fight. YES – zombie vs. shark. If you don't find that fucking awesome, you're on the wrong blog.

For years after that movie I would not sleep without some sort of covering. A sheet would not do. You see, as a child I developed a theory that the things coming for me in the night wouldn't find me if I was very still and completely covered. Foot hanging over the edge of the bed? HELL NO. Forget the thing under the bed, I'm worried about the scent of my meaty-fleshy-yummy-goodness floating into the nostrils of whatever zombies wandering about in a 2,000 mile range of my bed.

My mom and dad really had no reason to indulge me. I remember asking my mom a few years ago why they took me to see it. She said my dad gave in to everything I wanted. Considering I've written a zombie novel now, I guess I should be thankful for the early exposure. I never felt as if they did anything bad to me, I became a huge horror fan. Some people today would say they were careless in me, they fueled a fire that inspires me to write.

Also, if you're reading this blog and would like to ask me questions about writing, my book, or zombie survival tips – there's a contact form on the side bar. I'll answer questions here on the blog. This feature will always be available to anyone interested. I'll do my best to answer all questions!