Friday, July 12, 2013

Become a Character in ShadowBurn

The sequel to BloodBurn is titled ShadowBurn and is underway. Would you like to be a character in the book? It's painless, I promise.

On my Facebook page I've started a little event. If you have a Facebook page you'll need to like my author page, share the pinned post, and then comment that you've shared. That's it.

Once the page reaches 100 likes a random person that shared will be a character in ShadowBurn. (I get to choose - human, vampire, werewolf, or even a zombie).

250 likes brings another giveaway - a digital copy of BloodBurn once it is released.

At 500 likes I'll send TWO random sharers signed paperbacks.

(Previous winners will be eliminated from the pool to allow others a chance to win)

If you don't use Facebook, don't worry! I'll be running a similar event for Twitter very soon.

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