Friday, September 27, 2013

Skills For Surviving the Z.A.

If you have read anything on survival, you have more than likely read lists of things you will need after the Z.A. begins. Flashlights, matches, this, that, and the other. But what most survival blogs or articles forget to tell you is just how you'll use the things in your survival kits. While it is great to have a lot of survival kits on hand, you're still fucked if you don't know how to use what you've put in them.

Of course there are those that say, "Well, if they don't know how to build a fire by spitting in the wind, fuck'em." -- That's moronic. The more people surviving may mean more mouths to feed, but it also means more people to help you fight the hordes. HORDES, people. Not one horde. Not a city full of zombies, but an entire fucking WORLD of zombies that are ready to rip the throats out of anything with a heartbeat.

(Honestly, if I came back from the dead all hungry and shit, I'd head for a nice all you can eat buffet with steak and taters. Not sure that I'd like raw human butt. To each their own.)

Without going into bug out bags or kits, do you have the following basic skills? If zombies starting banging on your walls tomorrow, could you do any of these? 


Fire building- with lighter, matches, magnifying lens, firesteel, or more primitive ways.

Camp Cooking- With or without a mess kit.

Foraging - Identifying and gathering wild food.

Hunting - Actively tracking prey or passive snare/trap hunting.

Fishing - When all else fails, fish are nutritious and easier for survival novices.

Gardening - You can plant vegetables almost anywhere.

Sewing - We're not after fashion, we will need function.

Defense - Guns run out of ammo. Arrows break. Can you defend yourself in melee (close combat) ?

Repair - Learning basic repair isn't hard. This is where creativity counts.

Soapmaking - While not essential, making basic soap can help keep you, your clothes, and your utensils clean.

Candle making - It isn't rocket science.

These are skills that anyone can learn. They are not listed in order of importance and I'm sure that seasoned survivalists can come up with others.

What skills do YOU have? What do you want to learn?

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