Thursday, September 26, 2013

They're Everywhere

Zombies are everywhere. Movies, television (The Walking Dead on AMC? Fabulous.), and novels. There's even a zombie erotic anthology. Hey, say what you will - fear ramps up the libido. Stress will be high and so will the horniness factor.

While I'm not 100% sure that the dead will walk the earth - I do believe that thanks to genetic manipulation and virus mutations, we will see something similar to the 28 Days/Weeks Later movies. The brain is a delicate machine. If something invades the brain we can see behavioral changes very quickly. The only thing that keeps many non-infected humans from attacking others for their belongings is the fact that there are laws in place to prevent it.

What if there were no punishment for those sort of crimes? What if crime as we know it became a by-gone word with no meaning? What if there were an infection much like the one in 28 Days Later that left humans little more than an angry animal out to kill anything in its path?

And on an alternate path - what if in the government laboratories around the world...what if just one had a virus that would restart a dead brain? Even if a shambling corpse walked until it rotted too far to move, what kind of damage would come before the thing fell apart?

In any of those scenarios, we're all fuckedYes, there will be survivors. At the end of it all, who do you think would win? Will the survivors be able to fight millions of walking corpses without eventually breaking down? What about infected humans that may still have intelligence, but no morals or empathy?

You can increase your chances of survival. You can build a food stockpile, grow a garden, bug out to some country fortress, or build a bunker. There are thousands of things you can do to survive.
There are also thousands of things you can do to die.

What will you do?

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  1. We're building a stockpile, gardening, gathering rain water, and stockpiling ammo. We have a bug-out location, but we're trying to map alternate routes because (at the moment) we only know how to reach it using main roads. During a time of crisis, those roads will be swamped, so finding a few alternate routes is imperative. We don't have bug-out bags packed, but we do have a plan for loading trailers (two of them) if we need to leave convoy style.