Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blurb It, Baby

My publisher contacted me with a request for some info that is pertinent to book publishing. Since my book is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of next month, it's time to start putting the finishing touches on. She needed info for the back of the book, some quotes from me, and my bio.

I hate writing about myself. I never know what to say. Pretty sure people that hate me have a ton they could contribute, maybe I should ask. You know, any press is good press. On the other hand, my husband would be really annoyed if I let my ex contribute anything.

Bios are damned hard to write. Unless it is your job to write them for other people. If that's you then get down with your bad self. Me? Trying to think what to say that doesn't sound stiff and stupid is almost impossible.

Uh, I like Reeses.


I did come up with something that my friends loved. Or so they claim. Knowing some of them I would bet they're snickering behind their hands going, "Watch this. She's going to fall for it." Ah, what's done is done. You can see for yourself next month.

I'm  also harassing a few writers of zombie lit about doing blurbs. Well, not a few - one offered a while back. She's pretty awesome and has some popular zombie novels out right now. Who is it? I'm not telling until next month. NEENER.

What are blurbs, you might wonder. They're a few sentences from a writer you admire that is placed on your book cover, inside the book, or in the press release. Not every book has them and if you're lucky enough to have an author or two (or three) say they'll blurb you, then you are doing pretty good. One author I enjoy said no, but offered to help promote. It wasn't because they didn't like BloodBurn, they just didn't have time to read it.

When an author responds yes, no, or that they wish they could, but can't - thank them. Thank them profusely. That they took the time to reply in any way means a lot. Many authors have day jobs and even if they do not, writing and promoting their own work IS a full time job.

Alright, I'm off to do stuff. Take care and remember to thank your blurbers!

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